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Institutional Development as understood in BASIX, is a conscious attempt to evolve and reinforce a set of behavioral norms and processes for an informal or formal group of people to interact and transact in a sustainable manner, to achieve the purpose for which the group came together.
Given that most poor people are isolated and dispersed, it is necessary to organize and strengthen institutions of producers / communities including of the poor and women, so as to enable access to livelihood promotion services in a cost- effective and integrated manner, directly or by collaborating with agencies that promote livelihoods for a large number of people. Institution building thus forms an integral part of the BASIX Design & Strategy.

BASIX attempts to do this in 2 ways:
1.    Through its own companies- BSFL and KBS LAB
2.    By working with other Livelihood Promotion organizations

Institutional Development as Establishing New Norms
ID through Promotion and Strengthening of Normative Organizations
Institutional Development Support for Producer Organizations
Institutional Development Support to NGO-CBMFIs:
Institutional Development Support to Government and Apex agencies