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Distribution of Soil Testing Reports to the farmers  

Soil tests – and proper interpretation of results – are very important management tool for developing a farm nutrient management program.


 Introduction of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) practices in paddy cultivation

Impact of the Intervention

  • Increasing paddy productivity thereby contributing to increased net income / profitability level for Paddy farmers
  • Increasing water use efficiency
  • Creating more wage employment
  • Decreasing the cost of external inputs


Preparation of vermiwash  

We explain to the farmers -

  • the importance of Vermiwash as an “integrated nutrient supplier”., “plant growth hormone supplier” ., and as a “vermi bio pesticide”
  • Setting up of a vermiwash unit
  • How to apply “vermiwash”
  • How to prepare “vermi bio pesticide”
  • How to apply


Pheromone traps for Heliothis 
Serving the farming community with the implementation of IPM package of practices (i.e.Pheromone traps for Heliothis, N.P.V.liquid, Trichogramma parasitoid egg sheets, Bacillus thurengensis etc.) suitable to various crops, and educating farmers in identifying pest at an early stage and taking precautionary steps thus reducing cost of pest control, making them understand the advantage and necessity of organic farming and use of biocontrol products in contrast to chemical pesticides.


Azolla as an ideal feed substitute for cattle 

We have helped dairy farmers to form azolla beds at their field. This has increased the milk production and fat percentage. 


 Vaccination Camp



 Enhancing the livelihood of rural artisans through “Rural Handicrafts Marketing Network”.

 We provide capacity building of the Producer MACS to start the market avenues by accessing the Investment capital from NBFC or banks 


 Introducing a community to the art and science of scientific lac cultivation

 Basix as a part of the sub-sectoral study identified Lac as one of the main components of the diversified livelihood portfolio the Tribal and forest dwelling population of Jharkhand undertakes. In spite of the fact that Lac has through ages been a collected rather than a cultivated crop the facets of lac cultivation was very much known to the Tribal population. However still there remained multiple stages open for intervention. BASIX initiated in-depth discussion with PRADAN, ILRI and opinion leaders of the villages, to identify the broad parameters for intervention.

Intervention Points –

  • Supply of good quality broodlac to lac farmers
  • Supply of net bags and agrochemicals as a part of the package of Inputs
  • Scientific cultivation practices
  • Minimum assured output to farmers at 60 % of the input amount.