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 Promoting Community Based Retailing Enterprise (CBRE)
It is established by BASIX through its community based retailing enterprises that the livelihoods of the poor can be strengthened if the community can purchase goods and services required by them in bulk and can develop their own distribution channel. This strategy was piloted in different locations and has helped the poorer households to both get good quality goods and services at a lower cost.  These community-based initiatives have helped the poorer household in different locations across the country to reduce their time spent in purchasing items of daily consumption. Poorer households are now able to procure most items of their daily consumptions at doorstep and at a cheaper price thus reducing their cost of consumption. This in turn is likely to increase the disposable income at the household level. 


Enhancing Livelihood Options/Opportunities for socially and economically marginalized Dalits in Marathwada region of Maharashtra state, India through Promotion of Community Based Micro Finance Institutions
BASIX has significant experience in working in community-based organizations (CBOs) helping them manage funds for micro-finance. Most of this work has been with women centred CBOs. BASIX does this by involving them in designing operating systems, governance structures, implementing an MIS and most importantly building the capacities of the CBOs. 


 Institutionalizing rag pickers and scrap collectors

  • Assessing the institutional  framework within which rag/scrap pickers exist
  • Laying out an institutional design by developing model institution which could be replicated in other parts of country
  • Exploring alternatives for improving living conditions and increasing the income of rag/scrap workers by increasing their bargaining powers.
  • Checking exploitation of rag/scrap pickers on the hands of middlemen/traders etc and promote direct functional linkages to next ladder of value chain
  • Organizing the Urban waste disposal system of colonies and hotels/ malls through SHG of families of rag pickers 



Awareness Program for the Lalwandi Federation comprising of 106 SHGs


  Monthly Account Keeping and training of SHGs
 Monthly account keeping and training of SHGs by our LSA and IDS service providers