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Corporate identity number:U01119TG2010PLC068108

BASIX Krishi Samruddhi Ltd (BASIX KRISHI), a BASIX Group company, is incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 on 26th April 2010.

BASIX’s experiences, while providing Ag/BDS services through BSFL, were received very well by half a million satisfied customers. Keeping in view the encouraging results and potential demand showing up for Ag/BDS services, BASIX KRISHI is evolved for strengthening and scaling up of the services beyond BSFL areas.

The idea of the new entity - BASIX KRISHI is to create a supply chain for mainstream agro-commodities, based on environmentally and socially friendly production. The services cover from sowing to procurement: starting with soil testing to vermicomposting, local value addition, risk mitigation and alternate market linkages; implying that all these services along the value chain have to meet environmental and social standards. The variety of services involved makes it necessary that BASIX KRISHI involve multiple service providers as a consortium in a collaborative mode.


With first branch at Bagalkot, Karnataka, BASIX KRISHI subsequently opened another four branches – Raichur and Gulbarga in Karnataka and Mahabubnagar and Wanaparthy in Andhra Pradesh. As a part of our endeavor to build trust and credibility with farmers, we have established valuable collaborations with various government institutions. Following are the highlights of our on-going initiatives:

SL.No Collaboration Program
  • Farmer Clubs – Aimed at transmitting latest agriculture techniques to farmers’ fields. Received approval to set up 173 Farmer Clubs.
  • Technical Assistance Services (viz. vaccination, de-worming, regular health check-ups and training on fodder management) to APGVB dairy farmers through formation of producer groups.
  • Foundation Seed Program for Red Gram cultivation through collaboration with Seed Technology & Research Station (SRTC), Hyderabad.
  • Promoting cultivation of improved varieties of Paddy through collaboration with Directorate of Rice Research (DRR), Hyderabad.
Department of Agriculture
  • Facilitating installation of Vermi compost beds in Mahboobnagar district of Andhra Pradesh and Bagalkot district of Karnataka
New Initiatives
  • Supporting Organic Krishi Mission through promoting organic agriculture, representing 1800 farmers in Bagalkot district.

Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Pravinchandra Dravid Shivaram - Chair & Independent Director

  • Pravinchandra Dravid Shivaram  Pravinchandra Shivaram Dravid, Chair & Independent Director a Graduate of B.Tech (Hon.) in Agricultural Engineeering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 1972 and was awarded Presidents Silver Medal and First Rank in the Batch. Dravid has completed Certificate Program for Management in Agriculture from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in 1973 and got first rank in the Batch. Dravid has over 39 years of experience in various capacities and functional areas viz. general management, sales & marketing, production, HR etc.. Currently, Dravid is working as the President – Business Planning & Corporate Affairs, Krishidhan Group of Companies, Pune. Dravid is guiding and managing the Corporate Affairs and overall business apart from guiding overseas projects which are important for the Krishidhan from the point of view of future growth & profitability. Prior to this, Dravid worked with JK Agri Genetics Ltd, Nath Seeds Ltd, Maharashtra, Maharashtra Agro Industries Development, Maharashtra State Seeds Corporation Ltd, Vidarbha Quality Seeds Ltd and Mayco Ltd. He is appointed as the Additional Director of BASIX Krishi Samruddhi Ltd on February 1, 2012.

  • Mr. Karamcheti Prabhakar - Independent Director

  • Karamcheti Prabhakar Karamcheti Prabhakar is an Independent Director. He is an Engineering Graduate with Post Graduation from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. In a professional career spanning over 40 years, he was the Managing Director at Hunter Douglas (I) Pvt Ltd. For about nine years prior to which worked as General Manager at Bakelite Hylam Ltd and Novopan India Ltd. He is working as an Independent Consultant on Marketing Programs and has been an Advisor to BASIX for about three years.

  • Mr. Siddharth Tata - Independent Director

  • Siddharth Tata  Siddharth Tata, Independent Director has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, where he was awarded the Shankar Dayal Sharma prize for excellence. Siddharth joined Acumen in September 2010 to further develop the Agriculture Portfolio in India. In his last role at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he worked with non-profit organizations to help build programs in the areas of dairy development, watershed management, and creating market linkages to improve incomes of farmers in India. Previously, as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company’s Mumbai office, Siddharth advised clients in the retail, IT, and financial services industries. Siddharth has also assisted a Mumbai-based investment firm on its agriculture investment strategy and helped launch a turnaround program for coffee washing stations in Rwanda as a volunteer consultant with TechnoServe. Siddharth was appointed as the Nominee Director of the BASIX Krishi Samruddhi Limited on April 7, 2012.

  • Dr Sudha Nair - Independent Director

  • Dr Sudha Nair Dr Sudha Nair, Independent Director is a microbiologist and obtained her doctorate from the University of Madras in the year 1991. Dr Nair has eighteen years of work experience in taking the benefits of Science & Technology for sustainable rural development and livelihoods and has played a significant role in policy formulations for women in Science, Engineering and Technology. Dr Nair is currently an independent development consultant and a former Senior Director of M S Swaminathan Research Foundation. Dr Nair serves on various committees at the National (Department of Science &Technology, and Department of Biotechnology) and International (Member Executive Board Organization of Women Scientists for the Developing World, Advisory member of the Regional Office Asia Pacific Region, UNESCO and Member Gender Advisory Board, UNCSTD) to promote equality for Women in Science and in taking the benefits of Science to Women. She is appointed as the Additional Director of BASIX Krishi Samruddhi Ltd on February 1, 2012.

  • Dr Dipanker Saha - Independent Director

  • Dr Dipanker Saha Dr Dipanker Saha, is an Independent director on the Board of BASIX Krishi Samruddhi Limited. He is having more than 35 years of development management experience. Retired Scientist and Head of a Multidisciplinary team of scientist engaged in technology transfer & development. Experienced resource manager on Natural resources, Agriculture and Rural Development with special reference to participatory technology development in coastal Sundarbans. Expert in Communication and Extension. Farmer,s Group Mobiliser. Training of Trainers (Agricultural Scientists, Managers of Agriculture, Rural & Urban Development and Social Development Planners& Grass root Farmers). Managed a number of national projects and three international projects on behalf of German -Israel Fund for Research and International Development (GIFRID), Israel.

    Served as member in Working Group on Agricultural Inputs for formulation of 9th five-year Plan in the sub-group on Agricultural Extension with Planning Commission, Government of India Livelihood development and Food Security for ultra-poor community.

    Organized Training on Livelihood Planning Process (LPP) for the USAID funded SHARE project in Nigeria. Managed a range of portfolios and projects on development research and implementation. Assigned by IFAD (UN), UNDP on coastal studies, project development.

    Experience in conflict resolution in coastal area (Chilika, Orissa, India) through stakeholder analysis. Assigned Participatory M & E,Impact Assessment.

    Assigned in World Bank Aided project for FIG & FPO development in 4 districts of Assam. Nationally acclaimed trainer of Participatory planning. Capable and experienced manager of people and resources. Proven representational negotiation and networking abilities. Published a number of papers and articles on community based natural resource management.

  • Mr. Manmath Kumar Dalai - Independent Director

  • Mr. Manmath Kumar Dalai Mr. Manmath Kumar Dalai, Independent Director, is an M.Com with specialization in Business Administration from Utkal University, Odisha. He is a professional banker, with more than 37 years’ experience in banking at various levels both in India and abroad. Last worked as a Managing Director – KBS Local Area Bank promoted by BASIX Social Enterprise Group. He served 2 years as a Managing Director – Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Ltd oldest NBFC-MFI in India in BASIX Group. Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial officer –Bank M Tanzania Ltd, Dar Es Salam, CEO and Country Manager, Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Ltd, Kampala . Worked with BNP PARIBAS, INDIA for a period of 13 years in various capacities , such as Regional Head Corporate Banking Group(North and Eastern), Head of Corporate Banking-North India; Chief Dealer and Deputy Treasurer - Mumbai. Prior to that he spent 12 years with State Bank of India from 1980 – 1992 and held various assignments which included Treasury sales and International banking operation.

  • Mr. Devarakonda Sattaiah - Director

  • Mr. Devarakonda Sattaiah Mr. Devarakonda Sattaiah, Director has over 24 years of experience including a tenure of 20 years with BASIX Group dealing with Microcredit and Micro Insurance Operations with nearly 2 million credit customers, USD 450 million in loans outstanding and over 3.8 million insurance covers. He has got track record of starting and expanding businesses. Managed the Human Resource function for the same company with over 8,000 people in hundreds of locations. Exposed to some of the best management education in the world at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad and to all round leadership exposure that is unique to the BASIX Group. He comes with strong hold on operations process, mechanism, planning, tools and monitoring and mentoring practice. He served as Head of Human Resources (HR), Insurance Vertical, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Director Strategic Products in Bhartiya Samruddhi Finance Limited. He comes with strong familiarity with the rural realities, dynamics and customer knowledge. He is a post graduate in Management with a bachelor degree in Maths, Physics and Chemistry from Osmania University, Hyderabad. He is the designated as Managing Director of Bhartiya Samruddhi Investments and Consulting Services Limited.

  • Mr. Mihir Sahana - Managing Director

  • Mr. Mihir Sahana Mr. Mihir Sahana, Managing Director of the Company has a basic background of agriculture and postgraduate degree in rural management from IRMA and a mid career post Graduation Degree in Development Studies from The University of Manchester, UK. He has worked for more than 15 years with a host of national NGO, INGO, Corporate and Government. His initial career with PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action – a national NGO working across India) exposed him to the grassroots realities of rural poor and he worked with PRADAN’s Natural Resource Management Team. His stint with the Bihar State Dairy (a state government enterprise) and then in Dabur has helped him pick up necessary skills of achieving steep targets, sales and marketing and also developing a good understanding both the corporate and a government run enterprises. He finally shifted to the livelihood sector and joined an international and corporate NGO, IDE International, with a mission to promote livelihoods of small and marginal farmers by identifying, developing and promoting appropriate technologies using principles of marketing to achieve scale and sustainability. He joined the Sr. Management Team of BASIX and is involved in developing a host of innovative products and processes by provisioning of financial services both in the farm and non-farm sector, provisioning of innovative business development services and developing linkage with corporate and technology provider like Pepsico, ITC, ICAR institutions etc and institutional development services in collaboration with various Government Department.


Board Committees

  • Audit Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • HRDC Committee