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Common Service Centers (CSC) are formed under the National eGovernance Plan of the GoI under the Department of Electronics & Information Technology. BASIX is a Service Center Agency; Basix has an exclusive right to channel G2C and B2C services through these CSCs in45 districts and about 5000 rural and small town locations in seven states namely Tripura, Meghalaya, northern Jharkhand, southern Orissa, North-western Maharashtra, North-eastern Punjab and Rajasthan.

Every CSC is operated by a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) who is trained for CSC management. Each CSC has at least one computer station, printer, scanner, webcam and internet connectivity (through broadband, data card or V-sat). Several VLEs have made their CSC a documentation hub by adding a photocopier, digital camera and binding/lamination facilities. Therefor CSC is a go-to place in the village as it is promoted as the digital point for access to G2C, B2C and C2C services.

Services include those of all government departments including Utility bill payments, Aadhaar Card (UID) registration, birth/death certificates, domicile/caste certificates, land records, driving licences, etc. This list of services is fast expanding to include several business lines that benefit rural communities and are delivered online, over computers, or through educated, responsible VLEs.