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The consulting services business unit strive to offer quality services that will command the approval of the national and international community which it want to serve:Our goals include:·

  • Leveraging the experience and learning of BASIX to make an effective contribution to the livelihood sector in particular and rural development sector in general; and in the process, strengthen the knowledge and human resource base of BASIX by engaging with different types of consulting assignments and stakeholders
  • Establish BASIX as a credible and prominent player in development consulting nationally and internationally;
  • Generate revenues from consulting assignments to provide the BASIX group sustainability and flexibility to work on creative and innovative ideas.

 We offer a diverse set of services within consulting, ranging from policy research to hand holding support. The methodology we use for each assignment varies from case to case. It is a function of the nature of the assignment, the clients’ expectations, and our own assessment of the best way to handle the project at hand.  Our focus areas are guided by issues which have a significant bearing on Livelihoods. The critical issues impinging on Livelihoods vary between rural and urban areas, and between areas with different natural resources or quality of infrastructure. The Consulting services therefore engages in wide range of support, ranging from Ag/BDS services (agri-business development), IDS (institutional development services), IT solutions (information technology), to vector support such as credit and rural energy.

Range of Activities
Focus Area
Policy research
Rural Finance, Rural and Urban Micro-Finance (including Micro-insurance, Savings, Remittance), Financial Cooperative Sector, Livelihoods Promotion Services (agriculture, agri-allied and non-farm), Institutional Development, Commodity Derivatives, SME, Information Technology, employment, Rural energy

Sector Studies Feasibilities, Evaluation

Strategic Advisory servicesProduct development (Insurance, IT solutions

Hand holding Support (ID)






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