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BASIX Academy for Livelihoods and MicroBanking Practice (B-A-LAMP) set up in 2007 is part of BASIX Consulting and Training Services Ltd (BCTS). It primarily draws on the experiences and expertise of BASIX across all the Group Companies and specialties along three major programmatic areas viz., Certificate/Diploma Programs for fresh Graduates who are eventually absorbed by the sector; Domestic Short-term Programs to support other BASIX Group Companies, Banks, MFIs and other Financial Institutions in the areas of Training; and International Study Programs, Exposure Visits, Knowledge Exchanges that cater to the needs of external organisations who are interested to learn from the Indian experience. It offers programs both Off-site and On-site as well.

To identify potential individuals, including from rural, poor and socially disadvantaged communities, build their competencies (Knowledge, Skill and attitude) and deploy as required by the livelihood sector from time to time.

About Late Professor Ranjit Gupta

Born in 1934, Prof. Ranjit Gupta is one of the very distinguished and eminent social Development thinkers that India produced. He did his Masters in Arts with specialization in Economics from Lucknow University in 1954. He joined as a Research Scholar in the same University and rose to Research Director's position. He was an academician par excellence, scholar in many domains with lasting imprints in the minds of people and transcended gradually into an activist in development sector. He worked with Jay Prakash Narayan in the Association for Voluntary Agencies in Rural Development (AVARD). He was a revered faculty member at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). Along with Prof. Ravi Matthai, he conceived and ran the Rural University project in Jawaja, southern Rajasthan, which inspired dozens of IIM-A graduates to work in rural development. He was the Founder Secretary & Research Director of Institute of Social Studies Trust (ISST), New Delhi. Later, in the mid 70s, he worked as a Consultant, Ford Foundation, New Delhi. He was also the Faculty & Chairman of Centre for Management (CMA), IIIM-A and was instrumental in the establishment of IIM-A's Prof Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Educational Innovation. He was Hon. Adviser and founder of the TATA DHAN Academy in Madurai that has evolved as a centre of excellence in development education.

He served as a member on many Task Forces/Working Groups appointed by the Government of India and Planning Commission in 70's like Whole Village Development, National Commission on Agriculture, Command Area Development, Drought Prone Areas Development etc. He had rich and varied experience in Institution Building. He was a member of Governing Body, Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal (1982-94); IGNOU, New Delhi (1986-87-1988-89); Chairman of Governing Body, Pradan, New Delhi (1988-95) and Board of Trustees, Institute of Social Studies Trust, New Delhi (1994-2000). He was the President of Sampark, Bangalore (1996-2002) and Trustee, CDL, Bangalore.

He authored, co-authored and edited several books and monographs, and research papers. He had a keen interest in Development Management / Education Sectors and special corner for NGOs in Development sector. He believed in working with a focus on the disadvantaged groups by enabling development professionals to build people. Though he passed away in October 2008, he leaves behind a worthy legacy through his rich work and the contribution made to the sector. 

BASIX instituted a Memorial Lecture in memory of Professor Ranjit Gupta in 2009. The past 4 Lectures were delivered by Dr. YSP Thorat, Al Fernandez, Deep Joshi and Dr. C. Rangarajan

Memorial Lecture Series - 1
Memorial Lecture Series - 2
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