Indian Grameen Services
Corporate identity number: U85320DL1987NPL027141

Indian Grameen Services (IGS) is a not-for-profit Company, registered under the Section 25 of the Companies Act. IGS was promoted by Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) in 1987, to extend a variety of commercial services, necessary for promoting livelihood opportunities for a large number of rural producers. During 1988-1995, IGS focused initially on identifying and developing livelihoods, then on provision of technical assistance and support services, and finally on providing marketing support.

Recognizing the limitations of a model in which rural producers were dependent on a reluctant and unfriendly banking system for start-up credit and working capital, and at the same time believing in the need to integrate technical assistance and support services with credit, IGS, during 1996-2000, got actively involved in the promotion of the BASIX group of companies, designed to provide financial services and technical assistance in an integrated manner, and on a commercially sustainable basis. Technical assistance and support services, wherever possible, could be extended in collaboration with various economic agencies operating in rural areas with their own areas of core competence. IGS focused its attention on identifying livelihood opportunities for rural producers in the areas of operation of BASIX and extending various technical assistance and support services necessary for these customers. From the experiences of this phase, IGS reaffirmed its belief that "credit is a necessary but not sufficient condition for livelihood promotion".

From 2001-onwards, IGS focused its attention on two parallel streams of work, first, strengthening the implementation capabilities of various institutions/agencies, including other companies of the BASIX group, various development organizations and community based organizations (CBOs); and second, continuing knowledge building on livelihood promotion by studying and documenting the livelihood promotion efforts of others, and constantly analyzing its own pilot action research.

With its experience over the years, it recognized the complexity of the task of supporting livelihoods, in the changing economic environment, with variety of services at multiple points along a sub-sector in collaboration with various parties, who provide services in their own self-interest. 

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